6 Steps to Dating Multiple Women

5 May

Be honest with me…

If you could date and hook up with multiple, beautiful women – would you?

I’m betting the answer is “yes” – which is why you MUST watch my friend Josh Pellicer’s new video right now:

The Secret to Dating Multiple Women

In that video, Josh breaks down 6 specific steps that ANY guy can take – starting today – in order to openly date 3 or more attractive women… at the same time.

That’s right – follow the steps Josh shared with you… and the women will not only be cool with you seeing other women… she might even…


Hard to believe, I realize.

But Josh shows you how and why it works in the video:

The Secret to Dating Multiple Women

you could be days or even hours away from a bunch of hotties competing to be #1 on your list?

I can personally confirm that Josh is the real deal – and what he teaches you IN THIS VIDEO will blow you away.

But don’t take my word for it – click any of the links above and you’ll quickly see what makes these 6 steps so powerful…

Some “mainstream” relationship gurus are NOT happy about this video, and want it taken down. So I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to watch it if you don’t go there now… CLICK HERE to view it immediately. 


The 2 Fastest Ways to Get 2 Women Into Bed

5 May

Ever wanted to have a threesome?

If you thought, “HELL YEAH!”… you’re not alone.

Every guy has dreamed of that, yet 99.99% of guys go their entire lives without even getting to experience that magical sensation of two women licking… sucking… you get the point.

This is why Josh Pellicer just released a highly controversial new video where he details the single best way to get 2 or more women into bed. Watch it here:

2 Fast Ways to Get 2 or More Women Into Bed

Follow his 6 step formula, and you’ll not only set yourself up for threesomes… you’ll actually be able to date and hook up with multiple women… at the same time… even if they’re all close friends.

(Josh’s personal record is 7 women at once, before he said “no more.”)

And hey, even if your goal is to find your dream girl – don’t you think you’ll get there faster by dating more women?

Besides, is there anything wrong with having a few threesomes along the way?

If you agree, then you MUST watch Josh’s video now… BEFORE it gets taken down.

2 Fast Ways to Get 2 or More Women Into Bed

It’s some of the best info I’ve seen all year, it costs nothing, and it could land 2 women in your bed… as soon as tonight.

Check it out now…

And I’ll be in touch with you again soon.

The host of his website HATES the fact that Josh’s video is about hooking up, threesomes, bi-curious women, and
other shenanigans – and has told Josh he must change it or the video will be taken down.

So if you want to see this first raw, uncut version that’s generating all the buzz – I recommend you CLICK HERE and watch it from beginning to end right now.